When I try to move a small 50 mb file (file is not corrupt) from my C drive to my D drive, my computer freezes. I have a AMD 2000+ windows xp, seagate 7200.7 (C:) and seagate barracuda IV (D:)

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By freezing you mean it locks up? You can not do anything? Start menu? Alt + Tab ? Ctrl + Alt + Del (i.e. bring up task manager) ?

And no problems with either drive other than the mentioned issue?

How are the drives connected? (IDE, SCSI, USB) ?

What type of file, and how are you moviing it? i.e. command prompt, windows explorer, window to window?

Have you tried to just copy it? Is so, do you get the same result?

i have realised that it is a problem with my D drive. I can't save anything it gives me error about cant temporary write. I can't eve save word document. I emailed seagate and they told me to use a program called discwizard or something but it didn't find any error on my hdd. It works after formatting but has the same problem after a few months. Please help me as i have lots of files on it. I can't move even use ctrl + alt + del.

OK, well the drive is going, and it sounds like it will be a constant issue. So my advice is to copy the files off of it (at least try) before you loose them. And I mean copy and NOT move! Move is a two sided operation and a dangerous one. It copies the files and then deletes them. Not a good way to go. It is always safer to copy, and then delete manually yourself..... if you are required to. But in this case you are not. So try to copy.

I tried but it only moves a few files, then my computer freezes. I have to reboot..again

Moves? You mean copies....right?

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