this happened after installing a Logitech driver and the restore features haven't done anything to help me out. It seems to be limited to something the computer loads on a normal startup because it will hang or have problems after about 5 min. but there will be no problems at all in 'safe mode'.
I would like to know if there is a way to fix the c:\winnt\system32\config\system file short of a reinstall.
Also, is the information in the system file very unique or a generic type of file that can be obtained from another system that is working properly?
I'm thinking it's probably unique. Anyway, I do have another install on the same partition that is working fine because it's using a different system file in that path. I could copy over the vital information to the WinNT2 folder and then customize the new installation, but I would rather see if there is a way to fix the old one without throwing it away.

Microsoft published a knowledgebase article on fixing this problem without doing a reinstall. I'll try and find the number if you check back in a few days time.

You can't restore it properly because a corrupted restore point is created, or something like that.

The articles posted were great but what do you do if you don't get a request for a password and are told access denied during the first prompt: md tmp

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edit your system.ini file. find the row which keep the driver installation info of ur mouse and delete it then save

yeah the system.ini file is fairly basic, you aught to be able to edit it by hand

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