When in Hotmail, I am unable to send/attach/spell check etc. On the status bar it says "error on page"

I've cleared my cache (using disk cleanup) but it still doesn't work.

Hoping someone could help me with this.


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I am going to try and resolve the same issue on my girlfriends fathers Win98 desktop tonight. He is unable to open Contacts page or delete mail..etc

Tried playing with the ActiveX options in security TAB. Didn't make a difference however after reading some posts it recommended closing and re-opening IE afterwards. Not sure if i did this or not so will try tonight.

Tried to update his browser to 6.0 SP1. Have tried to delete temp files but this didn't fix the problem.

So I'll try maybe uninstalling IE. Though I hate doing that.

I think I'd rather setup the hotmail in Outlook Express!

Just wondering if anyone has had any success fixing this error.

I do know that my hotmail account works fine on other computers, so it is definately a problem on my end.


Hotmail, most likely a problem with the ActivX loading!


I tried to follow indtructions given in other threads to delete temp files, cookies....etc. This has failed so I just added a hotmail connection to the Outlook Express for the moment.

I uninstalled IE 6.0 SP1 and will try and find another CD with it and try another upgrade. The "error on page" also occurs on other sites (even this one) and www.qantas.com.au

I'll update when I know something but it could be 1 - 2 weeks

I had the same problem and fixed it by deleting my temp internet files. <snip>

Good Luck. Greg

I have tried deleting cookies and tem files also. Rebooted and tried again. still no luck my wife can get in hotmail on another computer and it works fine on ours we still get error on page when you try to send message also when you try to get help to come up it just says loading need help

I'm back and still no luck.

the error details read something similar to:

Line: 80
Script: 1
Error: 'g_state.bgColor' is null or not an object
Code: 0

Anyone find a solution besides using outlook express, deleting temp files etc.?


I've got the same "error on page" message when I try to send, forward or reply to an email. I've deleted temp internet files and cookies with no success. I have 2 hotmail accounts and the other one works. I recently tried to delete the commonname winnet.exe spyware so I wonder if I scrubbed something I shouldn't have when i did that. Need help!

Fixed (I think). I went to the local library and accessed my hotmail account. Went to the compose new message screen and turned off the rich text editor. Went back home and now I can send messages from my pc. Don't know why or how long that it will last but I'm happy now.

I'm having problems accessing my hotmail.Basically I just can't get into hotmail at all from my own pc.No problem from anyone elses though.I've deleted all files and cookies.Still nothing......anyone.......please.It's cracking me up.

For those saying it is active x, wrong. I use opera which doesn't use active x & have no problem accessing & using hotmail.

Make sure you haven't changed your cookie settings. Also, you can change the cookie settings for individual sites by going in to IE properties/Privacy/Sites & add hotmail as 'allow'

thanks mate....I'll try that soon and let you know how I get on.

I have been fighting with a Hotmail problem for a couple of weeks. On one of my home computers I was not able to access Hotmail at all. I just kept getting "error on page." On other computers I had no problem at all. After alot of trial and error, I even rebuilt my laptop, I was able to determine it must be my wireless router(Linksys BEFW11S4). I found a post that someone mentioned upgrading the firmware...... So I did and now she works like new.

I think Hotmail must have changed something in the last month or two to cause problems because everything had worked fine. One day it just stopped working.

I hope this helps.


On this laptop I am able to access Hotmail but I can't do anything with it. At base of screen, maybe the toolbar, it says error on page. What's up?

On this laptop I am able to access Hotmail but I can't do anything with it. At base of screen, maybe the toolbar, it says error on page. What's up?

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