Help. I am at wits end with my system. I have Windows XP Home edition on a Dell computer.

I have been attempting to download a pogo game online to play and continuously have been getting an error message that I have a issue with JAVA not being loaded.

I removed JAVA from my system after multiple attempts to update it. Now when I try to download a fresh copy I get an error message that states:

Cannot find c:\Documents and Settings\Jason\Local Settings\Temporary Internet files\Content.IE5\8UJWRYTU\ja150000.cab

Please verify that this file exists and that you can access it.

I cannot find this file and when I use the search it tells me that this file is too deep.

Please help me. I cannot download JAva based on this error message and do not know how to proceed.

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i get an error message saying jab150000.cab is missing when i installed java runtime environment


try deleting your temporary internet files first .cookies, everything then try downloading the program. i guess that should answer the problem. :D


downlood java,and save to desktop.remove any other versions.disconnect from internet then install

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