Help. I am at wits end with my system. I have Windows XP Home edition on a Dell computer.

I have been attempting to download a pogo game online to play and continuously have been getting an error message that I have a issue with JAVA not being loaded.

I removed JAVA from my system after multiple attempts to update it. Now when I try to download a fresh copy I get an error message that states:

Cannot find c:\Documents and Settings\Jason\Local Settings\Temporary Internet files\Content.IE5\8UJWRYTU\

Please verify that this file exists and that you can access it.

I cannot find this file and when I use the search it tells me that this file is too deep.

Please help me. I cannot download JAva based on this error message and do not know how to proceed.

How did you remove java ?? and from where are you installing java again ??

download the Sun java 2 & reinstall it & see if it cures it.

download the Sun java 2 & reinstall it & see if it cures it.

.download newest java @

i get an error message saying is missing when i installed java runtime environment

try deleting your temporary internet files first .cookies, everything then try downloading the program. i guess that should answer the problem. :D

downlood java,and save to desktop.remove any other versions.disconnect from internet then install

old post ,and the info to install java was mentioned 2 years ago !!!

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