last night i installed a game ( company of heroes) and then i uninstalled it because i didnt like it

after half an hour i saw a warning that said your windows drive is full
its not possible i had 5 gb of free space on my windows drive!

is it because of that game?
i checked recovery points and i didnt have any so it not windows recovery

i moved my files from windows drive to another drive and freed about 2gb but in 2seconds it was refilled again

im using windows vista sp1

help me!!!!

Sorry this is a stupid question but is it possible that you are downloading or retrieving something?

Go to your drive and sort everything by Size, and go through the folders looking for what is taking up your space.

also look at your processer is it very busy? if so best to carry out this in Safe mode and post a thread in Nasties Section

no im not downloading anything
and i went to safe mode and in there i have 5 gb free space in my widows drive !!!

but in normal mode it is full

In that case, you may have some sort of malware.

This is not the section to be in. You want to follow the link on my earlier post. Read the documentation and follow the advice from there.