please dont laugh at me. i was recently tidying up my pc and i unchecked some start up boxes. One of them i know now was to do with nvidia and hence my pc wont show anything on the screen. I can F8 but cant do any of the options, safe mode, last known etc. i have even tried an xp restore disc but cant see that. i have tried a different monitor and taking my card out from inside. Help, please help !!!

When you say "cant do any of that!" with safe mode last known config, what do you mean?

i click safe mode and it scrolls through the files and stops at pnp.sys and nothing happens. it happens with last known etc...

boot from cd, go through the repair part and when you get to command prompt window, do a "chkdsk", and a "sfc /scannow"

The trouble I went to just to get that icon...
Anyway, on that Safe mode boot screen try the Enable VGA mode options. Then if you can see, scoot into msconfig and set the correct startups.
However...your mb has integrated graphics? [ you removed your video card, must have plugged into something..]. I don't think that in msconfig Startups you can stop anything drastically important so as to, say, kill your video. [Leave igfxpers running]. I don't know what loads after plugnplay [PNP.sys]; something low down the order, human interface devices, I would hazard.

after enable vga i see nothing. after booting from cd i see nothing. i have checked the monitor and have tried to run these checks on another i know works, i still see nothing. dont know what i have done here but it def. started after i unchecked some boxes in startup.
Appreciate all your help here by the way, strange one this..

OK, you need to pull the cover off the side, unplug the unit first, lay it on its side, and look for the battery inside on the mother board. By the battery, there should be thre little prongs and should be labeled either "cmos" or "Reset". there is going to be a jumper connecting two of the three prongs together, what you do is pull the jumper up and put it two the other one and then put it right back where it was. All you are doing is grounding out the memory that saves the Cmos settings. If you cant find it, post the type of cpu and motherboard and I will find a layout on it for you.

what happens when i do that and turn the pc back on, what has it done re the start up problems ??

It just resets your bios settings, it sounds like to me that either your bios settings are set to read on external video or the on board video is bad. Do you see anything at all when you boot up as of now?

ok i did the jumper, and when i rebooted it asked me to go into settings or continue, i went into set up and set all to default. the other option was to continue. when i rebooted nothing again, should i try the jumper again and continue?

are you using the onboard video? I dont understand why it sees bios screen and not boot up screen. what do you see after it starts to boot?

i did the jumper thing and when cmos asked me to either set up or cintinue i went to set up and reset all my settings. Still nothing happens, the screen is blank? i will try clicking continue to see what that does, this is getting to me now lol

i have a new card in there, well about a year old, have taken that out and used the original slot and it still didnt work

if you are using external video card, your new one, then in the bios set the video for pci slot, if you are using onboard vga then set it to that. You still have not told me what do you see when you turn the cpu on, what comes up on screen, and what happens or what do you see?

i have tried setting original settings and default settings, none work. i have tried the xp recovery disc, nothing happens. When i boot up i get memory settings then the logo page with boot, bios setting choices, then i get a page listing peripherals etc,all this time the red light is flicking at the front of my pc. after that i get nothing on the screen and nor flickering red light.