here i have a couple of problem that i don't really think i can answer it. so hope anyone can help me answer this question.

1. you as administrator for a small Windows NT network. There is a WINS server, but DHCP is not used. All computers on the network have static IP address. You have just installed a Windows 98 computer on the network and installed the TCP/IP protocol. The computer can PING hosts on the local subnet, on remote subnets and can PING the router. You cannot reach remote or local hosts using NetBIOS name. What is the most likely problem?

2. You just added a new stackable hub to add new computer to the network. The contractor certified the cable drops to the wiring cabinet, and you are using known good patch able from the patch panel to the hub and from the computers to the wall jacks. But users of the new systems cannot log on to the network. You attempt to log on from one of the new computers using your administration account and you also unable to reach the server. You check the link lights on the computers and the hub and they are all lit. You also discover that the new computers can see each other on the network, but only the other new computers. what is the most likely cause of the problem?

3. Your Windows computer is on a small office LAN. All the computer on the LAN use Windows 98 or Windows NT. Your officemate's computer has a printer attached to a parallel port and his computer also conected to the network. He can print to the printer and you both can access the network, but your computer cannot find his printer. Both computers have client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks installed. What is the most likely reason you cannot connect to his printer?

4. You are the network administrator for ABC Company. The network has one router with two Ethernet interface. You have 110 clients on segment A and 50 clients on segment B. The DHCP server and all five domain controller exists on segment B. You recently asked one of your IT suppport techniccian to assign static IP address to 10 PCs on segment A. The next day three end users call you complaining that they cannot connect to shares on the server DC2 on segment B. All three are those whose machine's IP addresses were recently changed by your support technician. You asked one of the users to ping another machine on the same segment. It is successful. You ask the user to ping another machine on segment B and it fails. What could be the problem?

5. You have moved a PC to a new location and connected to the cable to the NIC. The green indicator light on the NIC lights up, but there is no network access. You check the hub and find that no indicator light is lit for that port on the hub. What could be the cause of the problem?