hello all at my office USB ARE dissable and i want to enable it while plug pen drive into it it shows removable disc in my computer and while double click it opens also and when i copy something and trying to pest into it it shows
"Access is Deniel make suer disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not current in use" company uses office scan software for virus security Please Help me in this
i am software person hence bit knowlage of hardware

Right click the pen drive icon and go to properties. It will show you how much space is left. The reason for the access denied is because your pen drive maybe full. If there is no important data in your pen drive. Try format the pen drive. Just right click the pen drive icon and choose format that will totally wipe out what is inside the pen drive or use a new pen drive with no data inside it could be the pen drive is faulty. Try this and let us know the outcome.

my dear frnd i am software engineer that much i know my admin block it some where from hardware or via some software i dont know i tried from regedit also and from ontrol panal also and my pen drive is totaly blank ther is no data into that

if i try to formate it it shows
"You do not have suficiant Right's"

if i try to formate it it shows
"You do not have suficiant Right's to do this opration"

Hiren, if your office staff have put a block there to stop you writing to a flash drive then we certainly will not guide you upon removing that block. They did it for their security. Please do not ask here for such help.

I'll reword that... I believe it would be against room policy to help you with such a matter.

That is true. If your office IT admin did this. I am sure your company have good reason to do it. And I believe security is the main reason. Pen drive can carry virus, spyware and malware or some software to hack into your server. You have to ask your admin's permission to unblock the pen drive. There is nothing we can do for you.

I was thinking more along the lines of data theft, khaki, but nevertheless...