i have an:
hp psc 1210xi all-in-one

if i printed a black square as big as will fit on the page, it will be about 4 mm from the top, about half a centimeter on the sides (one side is larger though) and about 1 1/2 cm from the bottom, and NO its not my margins are off, its the printer, excell, illustrator, and anything that prints will print like that

how do i alight the printable rectangle in the center of the page, or make the printer do it?

exactly what have you tried. hp has an alignment tool in the tools menu. post system specs. OS,hardware and any other info you can think of. please be patient as we are short on volunteers due to summer activities.Later---

Windows 7 ultimate
The printer model was already stated
3ghz processor, but its older,
4gigs of ram, dual core

and when i say nothing seems to fix it i cant find anything that fixes vertical alignment, its like the printer itself, but what whas this alignment thing you were talking about?

does your hp installation disc have HP solutions on it? If so load it and go to printer tool kit select printer alignment follow instructions. If not go to HP support and down load HP solutions and do alignment. I take it this is an upgraded to W7 unit if so you may have some W7 versus hardware fights, If all else fails uninstall soft ware for printer And reinstall using updated software from HP. warning W7 doesn't play nice with some older hardware and there is a big difference in 32bit and 64bit drivers. Later---

i dont have the solutions or print director, or eve na driver upgrade, but im pretty sure there current, and its 32 bit, its always been 32 bit. and its not like off angle its like the printable "box" is off center, so problem still not solved:/

heres what the print margins are so you can see what im talking about, the square outlined with the dotted line should be in the dead center of the printing paper

bottom left

the square outlined with the dotted line should be in the dead center of the printing paper, not like at the top