Hi guys, if some kick ass person could help me out with this I would really appreciate it. I downloaded Process Explorer, which has told me the reason my CPU usage was 5-70% while System Idle was 99% was "Hardware Interrupt". Now while I've read up on a basic definition of what Hardware Interrupt is what I really want to know is what exactly is causing such a high CPU usage, and how do I fix it. It's really slowing down my computer on off days and making start up super slow. Any ideas?

First try cleaning out the internet cache and such in internet options in control panel. Then right click on start then click properties click customize then advance tab clear recent documents.

Now go to Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager. Look for the IDE controllers and click on the plus to open that up. Right click on the IDE controllers and choose properties select the advance tab make sure they are set to DMA.

Hope this helps.

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