I'm using following latest files,


When I create javascript functions based on above both files, that works well on localhost, but as I upload them to server for become online it goes slower 'n slower 'n slower.

Why scripts goes slow on effects?

I have tried multiple hosting including free hosts, but scripts works well only on localhost.
Why it happens?

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do you have a link

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did you test it on other than 'that' browser -is it consistent accross vendors?

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Maybe the problem is with your browser or operating system. JavaScript runs on client side browser.
If you can, try chen with other computer.

I was thinking same.
I have already tried my two major projects on various computers. They works well if it is localhost.
Whenever it goes live speed of animation goes down

do you have a link

no, currently projects are not live due to it's slower working.

did you test it on other than 'that' browser -is it consistent accross vendors?

I have done cross browser testing with all available browsers. But problem is same script work well on only localhost and goes slower on any type of webhost- windows host or linux host.

Animation Speed Problem occurs only when website goes live.

I will provide link if I made it live.

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