When ever I go to certian web sites they deny me access saying I have an unknown operating system or my OS is unsupported. I have Windows 98SE.
I've tried enabling js java scripting lowering activex controls enabling cookies!!
still no luck.
Someone said to manually edit my User Agent but I don't kno how to do this please help me out will ya


What version of Internet Explorer are you using? Try using a 3rd party browser such as www.mozilla.org

I've started using mozilla.org at home and here in the office... haven't had any probs yet... i'm enjoying the tabs... :)

Oh, and btw, Dani here is the reason why i'm on mozilla now... she suggested i use it... oh well, hopefully it continues to run smoothly...

Try to repair IE (this is for IE6):

1. Click start, cursor up to settings, then click control panel.
2. Next, click add/remove programs.
3. Scroll down to "Microsoft Internet Explorer& Tools..".
4. Highlight it, then click add/remove.

A box pops up, with the option to repair.
Select it, and allow it to run it's course.