hi need help winzyn32.rom not working,.,.,,.,..
i'm using win 7 64bit home edition
although my windos working alright but m having a error msg continuously form last two weeks whenevr i start OS it shows this error windows

:-Owhat this thing ..is it harmful ?? and how can i solve thiss?//

search internet for it and it shows as malware, the error is because your anti virus ahs already removed it, but the start up entry is still there. Use registry editor and look here;

All Windows versions;



64 bit Windows check here too;



remove any entries you find for this file, and it should stop annoying you.

hi Fred firstly thanks for replying,.,..,.
secondly i've search for tht file ( dll )in the regedit and follow the whole thing you metioned but there was no such file nither in Run nor in RunOnce
one more thing if u could help :P
i had made backup of my system on a disc (and i've lost that as well) so now when i tries to make backup, systm asked for that 1st backup disk (tht i cant provide),,SO what would i do now to make new backup

sounds like you are creating a differential / incremental backup.
try creating a full backup
(assuming your backup software has such options - and they may be called something else but mean the same thing.)

google same for further details