Pls, can anyone help with my windows7 that wouldn't boot? I installed a new Kaspersky internet security on my system and since then every time i attempt to boot the system, i get a black screen and woudn't boot further.
Will appreciate a helping hand.

I have never heard of Kaspersky internet security from the sounds of the way it went down possible virrus. If you made a boot cd use that or you could download a copy of linux to get booted from the cd and attempt to either retrieve your information and do a clean install of windows, or attempt to run a virrus scan and get rid of the virrus if it hasn't done to much damage already. Hopefully you have already backed up your information, if you havn't I can safely bet you will from now on.

You tried F8 on boot and gone to safe mode, then done a system restore?
Or on bootup, Last known working config?

@Predator, go to Kaspersky website and you'll find Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 which is different from Kaspersky Antivirus as the former is not only antivirus but also anti-spyware,malware Wanna believe that my system was already infected before the installation of the kaspersky meaning it must have detected it and delete some of the boot files.
@ Bal, i have tried f8 but wouldn't even respond and i tried booting from a windows 7 enterprise DVD may be i could upgrade the home to enterprise but wouldnt budge.

Yes that's definatly possible although I would think the anitivirus would probably quarantine those files and not destroy them without permission. If you have your install cd boot from that and attempt a repair.

You can try using malare bytes and scan for malware first if yes detect and removed them. You can download it to malware bytes to another computer put it into a thumb drive and plug it into your infected laptop. If it fails, try backing up your data by any means, if you had already done regularly backups, you can reinstall your laptop using the disc, just like what predator78 had said. Try a repair first, reformat is the last option.


I have had a black screen issue in the past, but I had to leave the PC on for around 30 minutes to an hour before it got to logon screen.

How long did you leave it?

If you have now started to edit or do repairs I would suggest you just get a Boot CD as the above post's say, and copy your data off it.

No point doing a repair if it's a Virus or Trojan infected PC.

Just format after copying your data off, and start again.

Dear All, i have tried all ur above proferred solutions but nothing seems to be working. I even had to remove the hard disk and placed in another laptop so i can install a new windows 7 on it but the laptop wouldnt even see the hard disk. I have also scanned the hard disk and discover that it was infected with a trojan. My question now is how do i get to format the hard disk since my laptop is not even recognizing the hard disk? I don't even know what to do again.

Seeing as you have access to a second computer, my advice would be to get a USB hard drive adapter and plug it up to the second laptop and get that to attempt to repair the problems. I often use my laptop to fix drives from other laptops with a USB adapter with a high degree of success.

USB hard drive adapters are nice and cheap on ebay.

Confused here......

You said you can't see the drive, but you scanned it?

How did you see the drive to scan it?

If you can see it to scan it, use a Boot CD as suggested, but do a full format on it, if you don't need the data. Also, do you have a recovery disc, which would restore back to factory setup?

Try to boot in safe mode and uninstall kaspersky or roll-back to a previous working version of windows using system restore, else do a clean install of windows again if you have a dvd, or try recover it if possible

I used Kaspersky IS 2011 during the past few months as a trial, and encountered no prob on my windows 7 x32

commented: Already said, Safe mode and sysrestore -1

@kristain very good explained you to solve this error.

@anthan laptop is not detecting hard drive is a serious problem you have to change the Disk controller settings from AHCI to IDE in your laptop BIOS setup. might these tips help you to solve this problem.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 - Pls, can anyone help with my windows7 that wouldn't boot? I installed a new Kaspersky internet security on my system

Kaspersky IS 2011 is an heavy program sometimes can create problem. First you can check the problem is in kaspersky program or in its your PC. You can installed malwarebytes antimalware program it is also a good virus removal software. Remove virus from it and then you can installed Kaspersky IS 2011.

If it doesn't work then first check your all drivers. only correct drivers must be installed. you can check if it is beta version so there is a chances of expiration. I would like to suggest to perform a disk check and select the options to allow windows 7 to automatically find and repair corrupted files. I hope this works for you.

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