I recently bought a new tv for my upstairs room and replaced my old projector/CRT TV. I still wish to use my old speakers on my new tv, but there are no ports on the back of my new tv that would allow me to connect the speakers. Below are some images which show what kind of connection the speakers use on my old TV, as i dont know the actual name for the port.

My question is, are there any types of 'converters' that i can use to plug the speakers into my new hdtv? Anything similar to how you can connect those three AV wires into a scart lead?

You are going to need a scart adapter and an amplifier. The audio-out adapter would be no more than 5USD.

actually i just need the audio out adapter, the scart was just an example. I just need th audio out adapter, but is that the 'official' name? im from the UK so would i be able to find it in any hardware shop/store?

UK being a land of audiophiles, I imagine so. I was thinking of a scart audio out adapter... without any dedicated audio sockets you will require an amplifier, whatever plugout configuration you source the audio from.

okay thanks ill have a look tommorow

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