Hi ,
On the weekend I was updating my sisters Toshiba notebook, which had been off the Internet for about a year. After updating anti virus & and other security programs, Vista updated itself.
After downloading all the new updates it shut itself down and proceeded to load the "3 critical updates".

Now all it keeps doing is restarting the PC and "loading update 3 of 3". Then repeating the whole process. I've tried starting in safe mode, last known good configuration, and all the other boot options, teh update keeps happening no matter what I do.

Any ideas?

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No I can't get past the updating screen, even in safe mode


Boot from Windows DVD and repair from there?

It gets messy if you have to work in DOS to edit the registry and take out the RunOnce entry (if that's where the update is).

These problems are very hard to solve.


I forgot to mention, that if you boot from the Vista DVD, you can go back as many restore points as necessary to the position before your windows update.


That's a good suggestion I'll give that a shot.


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