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hi ,not to be pickey ,but your post makes little sence to meanyway! ,please try explaining it a little better ,like what you actually meany by this ,"its showing unknown program icon for all other programs"what dose a unkown program icon look like ,what is meant by a all other programs ,the use of the word others implies that some icons work!


actually its showing batch file icon over the normal icons on desktop.....

showing over ?
cant you just click on it drag it off ,or use the auto arrange feature ,or are you saying all the icons changed into batch file


yup...they all changed to batch file except my computer and recycle bin icon.....


Acording to me the explorer.exe file might have been damaged and hence I would recommend that you try to repair the windows registry using your windows installation disc. This could be due to a virus but can't remember th name of it.

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