Hi All,

Not been here for a while so not too sure if this is in the right place or not?

I am having a nightmare of an issue and I cant work out where the problem lies, I have a specific piece of bespoke software that calculates some technical data and then lays it out in Word print preview. If I run this software in Windows XP and offcie 2003 no problems, yet in Windows 7 and Word 2007 I was getting Printer error:5187, I thought this maybe to do with the format of the word templates, as it opens word but will not merge the data into it, so I then changed the bespoke software templates to match word 2007 (docx) format, this then changed the error to 'Printer error:53' It is not actually anything to do with the printer as I am only going as far as print preview. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Do you see a 'disabled' or 'blocked' macro message in the event log? I am not sure, but I find, on occasion, that documents merged from information culled in other apps seem to set off security errors in Office 2007. As I output many of my documents through CutePDF (which acts as a print-to-file), I see each of these messages on occasion. These do not occur if I import data from another Office 2007-formated file.

What are the security settings on the location(s) which hold your temp file that writes to the Word file?

To see if this is the issue, can you (in your environment) output to a doc file that is called in OpenOffice rather than Word?

Check your printers setting properly there might be some problem.