OS: Windows 2K.

New topic, but I think related to the topic I posted a few minutes ago.

I need to change positions of the IDE devices.
W2k & XP keep them persistent as how they were set up.

I no longer want them this way.

How do I do this?

I've tried enabling ECSD in the BIOS, but that didn't help. Installing each IDE device one at a time and rebooting.

Is there a way to do this without having to reflash the BIOS and build up the OS table from scratch--perhaps a registry entry?

I've tried removing the devices from the Hardware list in the CP and the Systems folders as well. But still, no go.

do you have the motherboard drivers !!

Yes, if by drivers you mean LAN, VIDEO, Modem, Printer?
Are there other?

What is your suggestion?

no I mean the disk that should have come with the mother board to load motherboard chipset drivers ,

Is there a way to do this without having to reflash the BIOS and build up the OS table from scratch--perhaps a registry entry?

No. You can't change the system drive location without reinstalling. Windows does not play well when you perform such trickery on it!

If I use my mobo disk to refresh the IDE drivers, maybe that will help?

What's going to happen if I use GHOST to do a disk to disk clone. Have it shut down into DOS. Pull out the old HD. Restart, so windows sees only the clone.
That should make it the new "c" drive?

If that works, then I shut down again and reinstall the old drive as the Secondary Master. Will W2Ks boot manager figure out that there are two seperate system and boot files, so it now needs to give me a dual boot option? Ideas?

That would be the ideal--that I choose whichever drive I want to boot from--both drives are going to be FAT32, so they will be able to see & communicate.

I know I can set my BIOS to boot from the 2nd HDD. But I would much prefer that the W2k boot manager give me the choices.

I tried partition magic to transfer files, and lost the entire C drive of my 1st HD. Had to restore it from my backup with GHOST. I got past that and tried PM to do something else, but it said it need to reboot to finish the process. When it did, and it came up and saw two OSes, things really went haywire. My boot stayed on C, but no NTLOADER, and my system files were thrown out to g or h logical on the original HDD.
Then checking C, thinking I could use "recovery" to fix the boot.ini, I saw that ALL files, but only a few of the WINNT folder was all that was left on the system. \so, for now, I've given up on trying Partition Magic.

And back to the other question, what's going to happen when W2K comes up, after it has established the new C drive and then sees the second (old hard drive) with boot info too? --please tell me it will institute the dual boot option???

I know the best way is to blow away HDD0s "C" drive. Install the new drive and put a fresh W2k on it, then transfer the rest of the software out on the logicals to the new drive.
But I really don't want to have to reinstall every program/file/link. I have nearly 80 gigs of data.

What would you do?