I'm looking for software that I will be able to use to burn dvds. I do not have a dvd burner, however I do have dvd rom and a normal cd burner. Is there any software that I can use that will allow me to copy my dvds without buy a dvd burner. And if you know of where I could get this free that would be great too. Thank you very much!

A while back a program called DVD-X copy was available. It was banned by the courts because people argued that is was being used for illegal copying. X copy would back up a dvd to a single cd-r without any dvd burner needed, but it's no longer available...at least I don't think it is.

DVD burners are quite inexpensive. For making backups of your DVDs there is no suitable alternative. DVD movies won't fit on a CD without reducing quality beyond the point where it is worth watching.

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