The PC has a Gigabyte GAMA-790X-DS4 mobo and an AMD 8650 Triple core processor with 4 GB of RAM. I am using a PC Power and Cooling 750 watt PSU , 2 Raptors running RAID 0 with 2 Seagate 1TB Harddrives. I have a Samsung SuperWriter DVD, LG Blu-ray Disc Rewriter GGW-H20L, ATI-Radeon Sapphire 3870 and a Zalman CPU cooler in a CoolerMaster Cosmos case.

I have been experiencing erratic mouse functioning where one moment it works perfectly and the next minute it is very reluctant to move. I also have lost BOTH of my optical drives thereby making re-booting from my Win7 Pro disk impossible. I have a backup image of my C drive but I need to reformat my drive. When I go to the Device Manager the optical drives had the exclamation points in yellow triangles that I attemted to uninstall the drivers many time but was unsuccessful in fixing the problem. I went to the Microsofts Solutions site with no success and finally, I attemted to use the Fix-it tool from Microsoft that also did not work after being tried a half a dozen times. CODE 43 is mentioned in the Device Status. What is CODE 43? How does a PC that was functioning PERFECTLY suddenly go south like this? I have Avast anti-virus, Emisoft Anti-Malware,Adaware and Malwarebytes that have up to date definitions and all show clear and OK. I'm stumped - What should I do?
Oh yeah, my printer has vanished too.

It can be a hardware thing, either the power supply or the motherboard aren't doing their job providing power to the components.
Or it can be a drivers thing, download updated drivers, try this site to see what you are missing.