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I am encountering a problem with IE on Windows Server 2003 with SP 1. Firewall issues have been checked. I can open IE for other websites but if I click on Windows update, then the window opens and closes almost immediately, without a warning or any type of message. It doesn't just close the new window but it also closes all other IE windows.

I installed Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and got the same behavior in that the window opens and then it closes. I have checked Active X controls, run all of the spyware programs such as Ad-Aware, SpyBot and Microsoft's Anti-Spyware and everything has come up clean.

I went to the Panda online scan site and got the same behavior and the new window opened and then it closed. There is another peculiarity.

There's one more twist to this Windows Update bug that I just discovered. Even though the manual Windows Update refuses to run, at least part of Automatic Updates works just fine!

I had noticed that Automatic Updates had been disabled on the server, so out of sheer boredom I changed the setting to download patches, but not install them. When I came back later, it had downloaded six patches. I manually installed them, and they installed successfully. I guess the next step would be to change the setting to full automatic, and see what happens.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.



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Try this, go to Start > Control Panel. Here click the Internet Options icon (this can also be reached thorugh "Tools" menu from Internet Explorer). Next, click "Advanced" tab, and uncheck the option "Enable third party browser extensions". Click "Apply" and "OK" to close Internet Options window. Then, check the Internet Explorer "behaviour" and please post back the results.

You can also scan your PC at TrendMicro HouseCall using FireFox.

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