Applied the most recent Adobe update, and now computer will not boot any further than the safe mode,?
, last good config., debug, etc. screen in DOS . None of the selections react when selected, it just stays frozen at that screen until machine is powered off again. same thing after cool off, etc.

totally confused what has it locked up so badly, and if I can't get TO it, how can I even attempt a system restore, etc. to get around this apparently bad update ??I do not have a Windows CD to use or borrow. I gotta try to do this cold turkey.
Help ? I tried accessing an answer thru the adobe website, but so far, no replies other than to do a system restore. this is not a paid product, just the ordinary distributed adobe flash player. and the dang update that popped up reminding to install on Aug.25,2010.

Dell Inspiron laptop, factory everything, no weird modifications, just a home computer. running WinXP home ed., fully good shape prior to Adobe update. just read emails, and look for sales at stores. no gaming, over clocking or anything.
Any help appreciated. and Thank you in Advance !!

Could be a registry was not properly changed. Would suggest you to get a Windows setup cd and reinstall or try repair.
system restore can only be done in safe mode, and in your case safe mode itself is locked, which is a very bad thing, and only a new install or a lucky repair can get you going