A small item! well about 6 gig. I have a compaq, amd 64 used to run xp reformatted to win 7 32 then to 64. All works well. On seeing the main hard disk it still appears to have a partition of about 6 g (drive d:) with old files (mainly hidden) all dated prior to 2010 and mostly looking like xp recovery. I suspect this is the manufacturers reinstall for xp. Simple question

Is it safe to delete this partition now that I use win 7 32/64 or are there parts of it that the OS may have to use. I have no intention of pressing reinstall at start up to go back to xp!!
ta for any advice

You should first check that the recovery partition is not the first partition. You can do this by typing diskmgmt.msc in run or in the start menu search box. If it is not the first partition I think that you can safely delete it and reclaim the space (also by using diskmgmt.msc ).

Both c: (win 7) and d: the 6 g one are described as primary partitions and the win 7 is the boot one. Thanks for the help I'llleave this thread open a while to see if there are any other comments and later close it as I am fairly sure it is safe to get rid of it;

I agree. If you have any questions about taking the freed up space into the win7 partition I can help you with that without the need to install partitioning software.

no problem I have got partition commander which does an excellent job but thanks anyway.