After two accidentally aborted install attempts for vista ultimate I find that the install cannot proceed. No suitable partition can be found. See attached image. this is a 150GB machine that could not use the restore function... I was certain that there was one restore... none could be found. C prompt lead to a black screen showing an "X" drive that did not list windows.old which I would definitely want for app file access. Have never seen such a circumstance where nothing is allowed. This is with the vista ultimate disk. Seeking guidance. I have not found a boot disk that can assist here.

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Have you try deleting the partition and create the partition again and format the partition? If not give it a try. There is a "Drive option (Advanced)" to do it. If it still fail than you may have to check your hard disk.


Much thanks for your timely reply. Yes I did and the delete option, and all the other options, were grayed out. At this point, I would be happy to just get the most current application files, e.g. adobe acrobat, word,etc. on to a CD or USB drive. The command prompt proceeds to an "X" drive. I do not see windows.old or file names I am familiar with. Any guidance on retrieving application files from the prompt would be appreciated greatly.

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