hey the other day i was on youtube and my screen went purple and the laptop crashed and ever since then it starts up mint all the way till windows trys to load then it either freezes and crashes or the screen goes all differant coulors and freezes but works fine in safe mode which is what im on now any ideas ? Cheers Josh

when you start in safe mode, go to run and type 'msconfig'. when the window appears, choose diagnostic startup and restart your computer. if windows still doesnt start up, you might want to back up all your data and format your laptop. but if it does, that means a process that is running is corrupted. you might want to select process by process and keep restarting under selective startup mode. it might take some time, but your bound to find the culprit.


You say that the screen is mint until windows loads, is this all the screen or stripes, is there any flickering?

If the screen is mint before the operating system loads then is could be a hardware problem. Post the spec of the laptop, the name and model number of the laptop may be helpful, there maybe a known isues with it.

- Let us know how it goes.