i've been trying to get msn 6.1 to work on my computer, and i've downloaded it more than 6 times. however every time i run it, it closes itself after a couple of seconds while it is still signing in, or when i'm signed in. even worse, after 2 or more attempts trying to sign in, it will delete the .exe file, and i have to reinstall it again, which i've done for 15+ times. this problem also occured in msn 6.0, so i had to revert back to msn 5 which still works. i even emailed msn tech support and they gave me some advices but it didnt work. im hoping someone here can help me? do i need to remove msn 5 for it to work? im just afraid the problem may still persist and that even worse, msn 5 will get the same problem. solutions, anyone?

Did you install from the same download each time, or did you download the file again? I would probably delete the exe you downloaded, then redownload 6.1 & try again, Other than that I haven't a clue.

i deleted everytime and downloaded a new setup everytime

consider youself lucky ,most would be clad it won't install and run on there computer .:)

ZL...I would definitely try to remove the v5 before the install. Also...I'm curious if you are using a Linksys device as a gateway as I had problems with connectivity and MS Chat progs...turned out it was a problem with the device that was fixed by a firmware update.

well it's funny because i checked the add/remove programs in control panel, and msn v5 isnt listed there, only v6. and when i checked my program files, there's 2 files listed, messenger (v5) and msn messenger (v6). i removed v5, but the problem still persists.