All the time if I am replacing a CD by another one or if I take it out of a CD-Rom-drive while the windows explorer is opened Windows XP Pro hangs or seems to be working. It happens also from time to time if I try to close the windows explorer.
The only possibility I have is to quit Windows and to enter again.

This effect we have on three different computers with Win XP Pro, servicepack 1, since we installed a new antivirus software.
Does anybody know a solution to solve this problem? It seems the process of searching a path or a medium won't stop fast enough.
Thanks a lot.

What antivirus software are you using?


AVG, but it's not for sure if this software causes the problem. We tried also to uninstall it but nothing changed. Then we reinstalled servicepack 1. We restored the changes of powertoys and xp antispy. No result at all. All programs are working fine. Only the floppy and cd drives produce this fault.

Do You use Music Match V4? it's probably a long shot but I found a bug fix for a Soft Riptide PCI Audio-Modem Combi which has an issue with music match 4 causing lockups when the CD tray is ejected. I'll see if I can find anything else.

Odd problem, i'l' research and try to find that out for ya

No, I don't. I think there is nothing special installed in our computers. We are using professional graphic software for print and web, ASUS boards, top quality RAM, 1 to 2 GB, SCSI drives, ATI and NVIDIA, sound and LAN onboard.

Have you tried hitting F5 when the system appears to hang? What are you doing in Windows Explorer at the time you are ejecting the CD from the CD-Rom? Are you acessing the CD that you are ejecting?

Is is with Data CD's or Audio CD's or both?

(when the system hangs) Tried Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up Taskmanager and see if Windows Explorer is running, or not responding? The difference there can explain more of the problem.