I saw previous messages and i dont think that solved my problem.Internet explorer runs ok at main window but when i click to a link which opens new window or any other window these dont load and when i press stop at new window it shows at adress bar this message: res://C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SHDOCLC.DLL/navcancl.htm
Please help, i am trying to find solution at this problem for about a month.So many years i am at internet never had same problem

No isnot this.My connection is ok.

I have the same problem and my connection is fine it used to work fine but when i open a new window in will not load I have to press stop and press return again.

This really is a pain and my connection is fine any answers will be appreciated.


have you scaned for spyware? and or virus?

fixed it I have just gone back to old operating system ie6 has just too many bugs. All I did was go to control panel add/remove and tried to remove ie6 it has the option of repair which did nothing so i decided to go back to the old version ie5 as it gave me the option and lo and behold the problem has gone.

hope this helps.

Paul :p

Glad you fixed it. :)

i am also having this problem, i have also learned that you can open the windows explorer and just type in an address to the address bar oddly enough u can browse the internet from there....i am unable to fall back on an earlier version though....plz help me....