Hi everyone,
My xp is quite strange these days, after I boot up the computer, when everything started up, I go to "my computer" and go to D drive. Something happens, the whole D drive don't have anything, and is just that empty, I go up a level(directory), and go to D drive again, everything is there, Strange?
I am quite worried about it, does anyone have any idea on the reason of this?


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Explorer.exe is not behaving correctly. When explorer starts during boot, it knows only what it needs to know. If you open My Computer then explorer.exe will only then read the disk partition table, and further read partition [or drive] information like the name, size, last access etc.. So it will show C,D etc only as drives... but when you actually select D: it should go to the disk and read the root filelist plus any directory names. If you select a D: directory, it then goes in and reads that directory's filelist plus any subdirec.... you get the picture? Explorer investigates the disk level by level as you push it, a prcess of expansion.
So when you first select D: you should hear/see disk access happening. Do you?

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