This is the legacy section but there isnt an area so ok. Does anyone here know how to network windows 3.1?

basicly at this point short of praying alot of tears and some sort of sacrifice there is no way to network 3.1. once apon a time when 3.1 was still supported you could manually install network information. you may be able to find such things online but, i really wouldnt try. just asking why are you still using 3.1?

Dont worry I found a web site somewhere at have now set it up to log onto my NT 3.51 domain and do file / printer sharing. Thanks anyway!

Its an old 286 with 8mb of memoryu and a 40mb HDD. I want it purely because it has QBASIC, certaing games I need and some files. However, the motherboards kinda busted meaning the Floppies (2) dont work and I need a way to get the files.

if you have a new computer and a copy of windows 98 the qbasic install program is on the disk and you can install it on another computer.