I am having trouble displaying jpeg images. I have tried everything, I know [which isn't much but at least I tried] When I open an image folder and select to view imagesas thumbnails all I get is "no preview available" which I cannot do anything with. As a result I have lost many photos and other items.
Can anyone suggest anything, this is driving me crazy? thanks r2ons

sounds like your hard drive is corrupted, did you recently have a power surge? try and run scandisk and have it fix all errors

Thanks for the suggestion, I have tried that now but all is still the same. at this time throwing it out the window sounds good.

Please indicate which Windows version you are using, so that this question can be moved to the appropriate forum section. Introductions is for saying hello to the community here and being welcomed in to it, NOT for technical questions. The announcement at top of page clearly indicates this.

Thanks, I am sorry but I simply have little understanding of these things, I was simply trying to find an answer. I have windows XP Home. Will this transfer somewhere else automatically, or have I now been excluded? How will I find if I get any answersif I have not?

heh heh...

I'm not gonna hide it from you :)

Do any files show up in those folders at all? Does 'View as Filmstrip' work?