Hi everybody...I am having a very strange problem and hope some of you can help me as soon as posible. I am workin in a small LAN with a XP PC and a W2000 PC. I have an aplication developed in Visual basic, in the XP PC, for making a query on an Access data base resident in the W2000 PC. The problem is: the query parameter of search is the date, but the results I get correspond like the query was realized in the format mm/dd/yyyy and I need to make it in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
I have checked the regional options in both computers and they seem to be the same (dd/mm/yyyy). The format in the Access table is dd/mm/yyyy and when I make a query in the data base, in the W2000 PC, it works, no problem. When I make the query in the XP PC with a local database it also works....does anybody has any idea of what I am missing in here???? I think I´ve tried all!!! Please help me.....I need to solve this today!!!!Thank yo very much!!


I have the same problem. Does anyone know of a solution?

The solution's here if anyone's interested.

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