I have a 2007 Sony vaio model pcg-7154l that won't let me restore it to factory default. it all started when I took it off the internet then when I tried to put it back it would freeze. When I tried to so a cold boot it took more than two minutes to get pass the boot screen, then it would show turn to the blue screen but for only two seconds then it would restart by itself. Then when I tried to to the windows repair when it said it had some problems it did the same thing took to long to and it stayed on the boot screen. I also tried safe mode, last good configuration. but no dice, I also tried to use a recovery disc but it won't see it. Last I tried to set it back to factory default by pressing alt + f10 but it did not work. can any one please help me.


Have you booted from the recovery disk?
What exactly happened/ what did it say?

- Let us know how it goes.

it won't read the disc at all. I also tried all the boot mode but nothing work it goes to the blue screen then reboot and the blue screen does not stay long enough for me to see the error. I do not what could have happened since it has been working until recently.