Recently, I've been having quite a few problems with my computer keyboard. If I hitthe shift key a "*" appears. Press "e" an 8 appears ollowed by an "e". The 7 key brings up a "u" with it and my backspace key doesn't backspace anything.
I've tried a couple of different antivirus programs Nod32, Mcaffee, and most recently Norton.
Nod found two trojans and a shitload of Adware. The other two have just been finding Adware and tracking cookies.
Also after a scan and my computr being off for a while the keyboard appers fine but then it all happens again.
Plese help! I have a term paperto write his weekend and this on-screen keyboard is impossible!

mmm, i don't think keyboards can get viruses.
Is this keyboard recently purchased or is it quite old?

I know that a keyboard can'tget a virus. I thought that there might be something that is wrong with my computerthatis causing it. Especicallysince right after I scan it its fine.
I haven't had it for more then a couple of years. - it's cordless andi've alreadytried new batteries...

is the USB adaptor correctly put in?
ur problem may lie with the drivers for it.

go into control panel -> keyboard. Check that it is set to the correct country (i live in england and if i have it set to US i get # instead of " and stuff)

also check control panel -> region and language is correct

Maybe your keyboard is dirty,have you tried to clean it??

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