I have not been able to download MP3's. Whenever i click on a link that says "download song", instead of a dialog box opening asking me what i wud like to do with the file i.e Open, save or cancel, it directly launches windows media player and the song begins to stream.Even a right click and 'save target as' does not work...it pops up a dialog box that saves an html document instead of a media file.

how do i save the songs instead of streaming them?

I use Windows XP professional and Windows media player 10.

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I think what you need to do is to open windows explorer, in tools
menu select the folder options.
There you can set what program will be associated with MP3 files.
Just deselect window media player...
That's it...

Slight modification to the last post:
Click Tools>Folder Options. Click on the "File Types" tab. Under the heading "Registered File Types", find the association for MP3. Select that and click 'Advanced'. In the 'Edit File Type' dialog box, you'll find a check box labelled 'Confirm open after download'. Select this check box and click OK twice to close the Folder Options applet. Now when you click on a link to MP3 files, you'll be given a choice to either open the file or save to disk. Choose 'Save to Disk' to save the files.

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