I am running XP Pro with SP2 and IE6. Whenever I try to open an html file in IE6 containing javascript on my Local drive, I get the message saying that IE has restricted the file from showing active content. I can override this by 'allowing blocked content' on a file by file basis, but I want to tell IE6 to stop doing this security checking for ALL my Local html javascript pages. I know that they are safe because I wrote them! Is this possible? Many thanks

Answering my own question here, I notice that Firefox doesn't seem to have this problem, maybe thats the answer !

Hello Takyoprince i'm new to this site i to have the same problem i cannot run the javascript files in IE6. I can fix this problem in my computer but how it would be possible after hostinf the website if you know plz help me or send me message at sureshmudiraj@yahoo.com
And if you want to run active content files in your computer here are steps to get rid of it.
Click on -->Tools-->Internet Options-->Advance Tab-->click the checkbox <allow active content to run in my computer.