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I will like to know how to permanently turn my num lock on even when i press the key to turn it off. Reason; it does my head in! There are some programs I use and they turn it off which is very annoying. Is there a way I can "talk" to the OS maybe using DOS command line or something to tun it on. I have used a script i found on msdn but that only works on log on. But some programs turn it off soon as I luanch the program.

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there is a off /on setting for numlock in the bios/setup of most computers , when you first boot the computer enter the bios and make sure its turned on ,

and from site in link below .

The NumLock key is a key that toggles the state of the Numbers section of the keyboard (you know, the right-hand side keys duh...) The state of the NumLock key can be set in three ways:


In the BIOS (not all computers have that feature in their BIOS)

By Windows (i.e. Registry setting)

By the user (i.e. by manually pressing the NumLock key)


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