hi all
I'am new to daniweb but i hope to help me in my problem
i have problem in my internet connection
when i connect to my wireless network it show to me i connect with limited access
but its connect when i plug cable
and when i tried to connect in onther network its connect wirless without any problem
and i have no problem with my router because i connect my mobile via it and other laptop its connet also with any problem .

my os is vista

plzzzzz help me i need to cennect via wirless

Please verify if:
1) Your router is DHCP enabled
2) You need a password to connect to the router
3) Your wireless connection manager in your computer is the one supplied with Vista, not the one supplied by the wireless card manufacturer

Hope this helps

make sure that your hub or wireless router is connected to the internet. the cable you were talking about make sure that it is plugged into the internet port on the router.

Do you verified your system is virus free?
Do you have the firewall active?
Is there any parental control setup at browser level or antivirus?
Do you setup addresses on the forbidden/unsecure internt zone?
Do you have a 'host' file with tampered adresses in your %windir%System32\drivers\etc folder?
Do you have any additional browser bar installed?
Do you use a blank page to start your browser?
Do you have any 'peer to peer' download program running like eMule, Ares, BitTorrent, FlahGet, FlashGot, Kzaa, JDownloader, etc...?
Did you unistalled /reinstalled your lan card? Did you played with the lan card configuration?
Do have your router any filtering?
Did you tested your PC on another broadband connection?

There are many possibilities for your simptoms, but I hope this helps.