After using Dban on a hard drive I reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro every thing went fine and works great except it made all the slot drives cdef dvd G and the hardrive H I changed the slot C to I and tried to re assign letter C to the hard drive but Windows XP will not allow it to be changed What happened and how can I re assign the letter C: to the System Hard drive ? Thank you for any help <Snip>

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Hi ,please do not post your email address ,
do slot drives mean ,a card reader ,if so shut off computer ,dissconnect card reaader from the motherboard [not that hard really .then see if xp will let you change drive letter ,winxp may even reasign letters by itself after a reboot ,]

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Sorry it was unintentional it was my first post you may delete my untire post


How does one unintentionally write something down? I always thought it took conscious effort.
Anyway, we are here to help, if you still want it?

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"What happened and how can I re assign the letter C: to the System Hard drive ? "
Within any practical meaning of the term... you simply cannot. Setup has embedded the drive letter H: thoroughly into the registry, into many, many keys and values.
Reinstall with those "slot drives" empty, or disconnected.

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