I am after reinstalling windows xp and it has SP1 and i am trying to update it so that i can use itunes and quicktime and ie8 but every time i go to windows update it says that it is checking if it can update windows but when i press the update button the page doesn't load so can somebody please help me as quick as they can.Thanks!!!:)

Download Dial-a-Fix and run it. Select the 'Check all' (green arrow) and then hit 'GO.'
Reboot when done and see how things are now.

I understand that microsoft no services sp1. I had windows sp1 and it wouldn't update. So I fortunately had a newer version with sp2 and installed it and it updated ok.

Thanks for the help i much appreciate it. How did you have sp2 did you have it on a disk or something???

It reads like he did. If you want the SP2 upgrade file, this is the one to get: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe
It a self-installer package. Just dl from a safe source and dclick to run. Of course, you will have ascertained that your computer is virus/malware free beforehand....