Dear All Gurus,

I have setup a Windows Web Server 2008 (32bit) with a DELL Poweredge R210 hardware since Oct 29, 2010. In these 2 weeks it hanged 4 times, 3 of these 4 occurred in recent 2 days. I cannot find anything strange in the event logs and system logs. I think the system could not log the crash events when it was crashed. I installed all service packs, hotfixes and system updates for the Win2K8. All installed hardware drivers are provided by Dell. I even don't know whether it is hardware problem or OS problem.

My question is: How can I know the reason cause it hanged frequently? It seems that log reading can't help.

Thanks for your attention.

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Dear All Gurus,

My question is: How can I know the reason cause it hanged frequently? It seems that log reading can't help.

Will attempt to offer some direction, as your question has many potential answers.

First, If you have not already performed clean boot troubleshooting procedures, I would search the Microsoft Knowledge Base support.microsoft.com/kb for best practices, which may also resolve/reveal the issue.
If this has been done already and was no help, I would set your Startup and Recovery options to create a memory dump file, if not already configured to do so. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315263 for details.

Second, within the same article, you should click the link to download the DumpCheck.exe utility, which makes reading memory dump files much easier for non-programmers. This is simply to be prepared in the event a memory dump file is getting created.

Third, if no memory dump files are being created, the chances are better you're dealing with a hardware issue, though not necessarily. So, before saying it's a hardware fault, download ADPlus Ver. 6 (see link in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/286350). ADPlus is a VBScript that automates the CDB debugger, which is a text mode based, Microsoft debugger for troubleshooting User Mode issues like hangs and crashes. The help file is contained in "Debugger.chm", and contains much useful information about troubleshooting hangs and application faults.

I believe this will get you headed in the right direction toward solving your issue. Hope it helps.

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