I need a program that i can put songs from a music cd onto, and then burn those songs onto a cd, i need to make a copy cuz its getting scratched, i cant use media player, or real player, are there any others out there?

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Why can't you use Windows Media Player? I always use it to rip and burn audio CDs.

1. WindowsME and it is messed up, 2. when i go to the site to download it i get an error message everytime, so i dont even try.
3. If someone like you guys ( and by you guys i mean people with much more computer knowledge then me would agree that my system is messed up and un capible of certain programs, i found a desent one on the free wares thread, but it is hard to use and i still cant burn cd's with it


If you tried getting Windows Media Player 10, I can understand why you're having problems since I don't believe that 10 is compatible with ME. Get Windows Media Player 9. It's compatible with ME and is better than 10 IMO.

Furthermore, if your system is having problems, you will want to fix it. What problems are you having with your system?


if you cant get wmp 2 work then try something like nero burning software or sonic stage.

alternatively you can use one that comes with your isp or go to www.virgindigital.com. with this particualr media player you have to download it from the virgin digital site and install it. you can rip and burn music using this.

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