After reformatting I have re-installed Microsoft 2000 Premium. I was asked for my CD No which I entered when installing both discs and as far as I knew the installation went ok. I can access all Programmes, Power Point, Excel etc but when I open up Microsoft Word to type a document I am getting the 'Installation Screen' again, asking for the CD No again. I've put this in but then get a message 'This is an invalid Number'. I'm at a loss as to what to do now. Can anyone help please as I need my Microsoft Word more than any of the others. Many thanks :sad:
from Scotland

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Uninstall all of Office, reboot, and try to see if one of these three possible solutions that I found work for you:

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Uninstall all of Office, reboot, and try to see if one of these three possible solutions that I found work for you:

  • Try to install as shown in this support document.
  • If your system came with a disk for Works with Word, install using that disk. Make sure that you install Works and Word.
  • If your system came with Works and Office, install Works first and then Office. Make sure you use the key for Works for Works and the key for Office with Office.

Hi Chris,
Many thanks for your prompt reply. I did not want to put the full story in my original thread as I thought it would sound too complicated. The computer belongs to my brother-in-law. He was thinking of selling it and paid PC World £50 to clean his hard drive. He then decided not to sell and is now on a Computer Course and needs to use Word. It is Millenium ME setup and he didn't realise just how drastic 'cleaning the hard drive' was!! I have been able to download all his drivers for scanner, printer and everything else and all is up and running.
I had 2 discs for Microsoft Premium and installed these with no bother, but it was when I went to open Word I got the CD no installation screen. I remembered I also had another 2 discs for Microsoft Office 2000 Premium which had a CD No so I uninstalled the first 2 discs and reinstalled using the 2nd set. As I put each disc in I was presented with the screen asking for the CD No. I put this in and was then able to go forward with the installation. Great, I thought! But again when I tried to go into Word I was getting the CD No screen again and when I put the number in again it was telling me it was an invalid No. All other applications included in Microsoft 2000 are working perfectly. My brother-in-law has lost all discs for his computer so there is no Works disc which would probably have Word on it. I am going to have another go in the middle of the week using the guide explained in Start, Run etc and hopefully this will clear it. I was wondering if there was any way I could isolate Word and instal it as a separate thing?
Many thanks
Mary (Scotland)

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