hey whats up guys.. well i encountered the blue screen of death tonight and my computer keeps restarting.. when the blue screen appears i get error code 0x00000050... i tried removing applications and it didn't work... i haven't added any new hardware... and im completely lost on what to do... can one of you experts help me... help would be greatly appreciated... thanks alot.

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I read a Microsoft article on this, said it could be related to RAM or Video RAM.

Have you installed new drivers recently, perhaps for the Video Card.

First you should try "Last Known Good configuration".

If you can get into safe mode, try these;

1. Uninstall Video drivers, and install new in normal mode, if this allows access.
2. Check device manager (Control panel - System - hardware tab), make sure there are no "?" next to any devices, and try to update accordingly.
3. Disable any AV / firewall and try to boot normally
4. If you use NTFS Run Chkdsk /f /r

I took most of this from the following knowlegebase article, which you may or may not have seen


Hope this helps


^^thanks for replying... i haven't installed any new drivers or sound cards... i am able to log in into safe mode... can you give me a step-by-step of what to do when i get into safe mode... thanks for the help.

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