I have a new install of a windows 2008 server with active directory dhcp and dns roles. I have dns settings on the dhcp options set to the servers ip then the isp 2 dns enteries under that. MY workstations periodically drop the dns name of the server i run ping servername and comes back with nothing, I run ipconfig /displaydns and says name does not exist of server or something along those lines. if i run /flushdns and /registerdns it starts working again. Any idea why the cache looses just the servers dns I can still ping other workstation dns's when this happens, Or I can restart dns client and everything is fine again

hi freshfitz, setting a static ip or manually setting up the ip address will not help?

or if the workstation is running on windows OS check out this link from MS http://support.microsoft.com/kb/318803 maybe need to do some tweak on the registry for the dns cache.

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