I cannot open M S Oulook, when click the M S Outlook tab, Outlook window opens and I get the message'The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action' and further on I get the message "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The file C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook|outlook.ost is not an offline folder file."

I would like to know how I can solve the problem. Request help!

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What version of windows and outlook are you using?

I am also asking to get this moved to Hardware & Software, you will get a higher response from there.:)

Winxp2 and M S Outlook2007

check your "Internet Options" setting in Internet Explorer. Click the "COnnections" tab and make sure the settings for connection and LAN are correct and always on.

Also in Outlook, click "Tools" then "Options" and select the "Mail Setup" tab. Put a check in "Automatically dial during a background send/receive" and remove then check next to "Hang up when finished..."

MS Outlook opens with the title 'MS Oulook cannot open - Windows NT/2000/XP MS IE' Also gets the message 'The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.' Then another dialog box titled 'Microsoft Exchange' with message asking for Microsoft Exchange server, Mail box name. My problem is how to open the MS Outlook,what is this MS Exchange, what has it to do with MS Outlook.

MS Exchange is a mail server system. Outlook was designed as a mail client software to connect to various mail server types and allow you to send and receive emails. Your client software (Outlook) needs to communicate with a mail server (Exchange or other) in order to access your mail. In the case of Exchange your calendar and contacts might also be hosted on the server.

Is this a work computer or a home computer?

If your internet connection is disconnected you won't be able to read any mail nor can you surf the internet. Check at the bottom right hand corner to see whether the internet has been disconnected. Another option is in the MS Outlook you click "File: and see whether "Work Offline" has been check if so than uncheck it and try again.

There is no problem for the internet, it is ok

is this a work computer or at home?

At home

there is a repair facility in outlook but you have to be able to open it!
A suggestion that I have had to use is to save the outlook.pst file (the one with all your data emails etc in it.(do this by exporting or by finding the file and copying it else where.
Then delete and reinstall outlook and then import your outlook. pst file. It sounds very much like a corruption of the outlook program files.

Or even worse, your outlook.pst might be damaged. Try Microsoft's scanpst.exe. Even more you may be able to recover some of your emails from a damaged PST. I have been there, done that, pretty nasty but easy to solve if you know how! You can find information about that [snipped url]

it is worth noting this thread started DEC 9th 2010!

try to reinstall your MS outlook,, hope it will works...

This situation you need .OST file converter into MS Outlook .PST files. Because .OST file format is not accessible by the email client. And .OST conversion to .PST becomes necessary to do so. OST files allow Outlook users to work in the offline mode an environment even without Internet connectivity.

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