I'm running W98SE & I've got sound problems.

The strange thing is that the soundcard & speakers work, because I can play a CD through the CD-ROM and get the sound ok.

But anything running under Windows (MediaPlayer for example) doesn't work.

I don't even get the POST sound, even though the computer boots into Windows successfully.

Nothing highlighted in Device Manager. Tried all the usual stuff. Even re-installed W98, though not a clean install.

Anyone got any ideas ? TIA

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try reinstalling the windows media player you could have a missing or corrupted file.
how many other media players do you have installed on your system?
example: ace media player, real player, winamp player, Sono Digital Media Player etc.


double click on your speaker at bottom right to get full volume controls. check all volume adjustments. Or try installing a new desktop theme or something. themeworld.com has plenty of themes with kewl sounds

might also want to try installing winamp, or qcd or another media player

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