i have installed a pokerclient on my computer and now i want to remove it and install it again so that i can open a new account on the poker site.
But no matter how i try to remove it it somehow remembers that i already have installed this program on this computer and wont give me the option to open a new account.
I have tried deleting the keys in the registry after uninstaling the program but nothing helps.

i suppose it has some other hidden files somewhere but i cant find them.

This is driving me nuts PLZ HELP.

I run XP proffesional on a intel p4.

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I'm not clear on just what is happening here, but it sounds like you have closed an account on your computer and are trying to start a new one with the same site, if this is the case, most all of those places use your email address to verify you account, and if you are trying to open a different account with the same email address that you have used before it shouldn't work without the help of a site manager.

that is not the case! A friend of mine has an account on this site and he has beeen playing on my computer.
Now to be able to get to the section where u can actually start a new account the program has to belive that it is the first time u download and run the program on this computer wich is not the case in this case.
And the way i see it, it has to be some sort of hidden files either in the registry or somewhere else that keeps track of the fact that someone already has created an acccount from this computer. And this prevents me from registtring a new account whit a new name , new e-mail adress ,new billing adress and a new nick.

This leads me to belive i have to just completly remove all files that is connected to this program to be able to re-install and register a new account.

All thoughts are welcome......

I still believe that you might have some success if you explained this to an administrator or manager of the site, they generally want to help, you won't know unless you try. lol

Sadly they did not.

Secondly i am also really intrested in how this is possible so that is really the reason for me asking. Because it is no problem for me to jus tgo to another friends house and open an account on his computer that is mine then i just use those account details on my home computer and then that problem is solved.

But it annoys me that i cant completley remove the existens of a program on my computer.

Have you tried to delete it in safe mode?

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