Hello to all =)

In trying to remove various nasties and error messages, I've inadvertantly ruined my MSN Browser. This is NOT the MSN messenger, nor is it the Internet Explorer. It's the spiffy one with the butterfly. I open the browser login window, click my name, type my password, and it's proceeds to sign in~ only to get 'MSN has encountered a problem and needs to close' before anything can occur. Since I'm no genius, I wouldn't know what to information to include here in order for someone to properly troubleshoot this with me. I am using XP Home, and I have teenagers that I should flog for putting me in this position. I appreciate anything that can be offered by any of you out there.


John P

I'd recommend downloading and running Superantispyware: http://www.superantispyware.com/

Then get start using a real browser like Firefox, Chrome, or even Internet Explorer 8.

MSN Explorer is basically a graphics heavy version of IE. Something you can try doing is going into the IE options and resetting it to it's defaults.

Open IE, go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and click on the Advanced button.